Saturday, December 28, 2013

Update on Hillary fna Uma/Hailey

I have had Hillary for over six months and her spookiness has slowly improved.  She still will not come to me, but she will come up behind me if I am not looking at her.  She started wagging her tail at me when I come home about a month ago - that was BIG!  And she runs and plays with the other dogs in the yard.  She tries so hard to get them to play with her.  She has discovered stuffies and walks all over the yard now.  For months she would only go to one spot, but as she becomes more comfortable, she explores.  She has gained much needed weight and is as soft as a rabbit.
She will do best in a quiet home with other Greyhounds that she can play with and learn from.  Time and patience is all that is needed for her to become the sweetest most loving girl in the world - she wants to be that dog and she will be one day.
Do you have a place for her and the desire to help her?